From acrobatic aerial battles between imps and pseudodragons to filth-covered otyughs bursting up from the sewers below, Korvosa is a city of unceasing excitement.

Undead prowl the maze-like vaults beneath the city’s walled necropolis, while arcane rituals of ancient power pulse behind the warded walls of the Academy, Korvosa’s famous university of magic. Treacherous thieves and gangs roam the dockside slums of neglected Old Korvosa, their hungering greed barely kept in check by the sweeping skyborne patrols of the hippogriff-riding Sable Company. Meanwhile, those with deep, buried secrets linger patiently in the city’s shadows, waiting to pounce on their moment of opportunity.

Welcome to Korvosa, City of Fangs.

Korvosa, City of Fangs

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