Ashe Lyon

Human Bookworm Cleric


6’1", 195 lbs, tan skin, green eyes, dirty blonde hair.


Ashe grew up poor. He only remembers bits and pieces of his parents, because they both died in a building collapse. They were surprised that Ashe survived. He was placed into an orphanage right after that. Ever since that day every so often, when he was not really paying attention that he would speak in a different language to himself. His one friend, Tristan, who was human, was someone who Ashe turned to as someone to talk to (and he also just really enjoyed his company). Tristan liked that Ashe would always be there for him.

Ashe was an optimistic, outgoing, and well-liked by everyone that took the time to get to know him. When he was 10, he was speaking in the language a lot more fluently, and the orphanage did not know what to do. When the clerics of House Ro paid the orphanage ones of their visits to check on the orphans’ health, the concerned orphanage staff wanted them to look into what was going on with Ashe. The priest, an elf named Warren, realized that the boy was speaking supernal. He decided to invite Ashe in to the House Ro, which he found to be his calling and decided to become a cleric of Ro..

Warren told Ashe that he could use any of the books and scriptures they had to learn more about the religion. He then turned to books to help feed his hunger for knowledge of Ro and of different cultures in general. While he was doing this, he found out that Warren was a historian. The two of them would talk hours about things they read and explained it in such great detail that others would come listen in on their conversations. This is also where Ashe learned how to speak elven. About a quarter of the scriptures were written in elven, but Warren, an older elf, helped him master the language and absorb all of the information that those books had. Warren also realized that Ashe had a very unique way of learning the book and scriptures. All of the people in the House Ro was surprised that a person at such a young age would be able to grasp all of this information so well.

While all of this was going on, Ashe would constantly pray to Ro for guidance and clarity. This is when Warren proposed a quest for Ashe. The older cleric realized that he did not want Ashe to become a member of the church just yet, since he was so young and had a lot more to experience. The quest Warren suggested to Ashe was to spread the blessing of Ro to as many people as he could. Since Ashe had had such a harsh life, Warren wanted the young man to be able to see more of the world and to be able to quench his thirst for knowledge, while spreading the blessing of Ro.

In his spare time, Ashe would frequently go back to see Tristan and catch him up on all of the interesting things he had experienced. Tristan ended up working for one of the local trading business, and would also share what he had learned with Ashe, which fascinated Ashe so much.

Ashe is now on this quest to help spread the blessing of Ro at the young age of 16. If you were looking to find him in a town, it would be at their House Ro church, or at a library of some sort. He can never really get enough of books. During Ashe’s explorations of the city’s bookstores, he sometimes runs into a friend of his, a bookworm named Rauny. A cheerful half-elf who just loves to read and talk about new and old books, Rauny works at Book and Cranny, and sets aside any books that Ashe wants or ones that she thinks he would be interested in reading.

Ashe has a nether spirit bound to his soul named Khuruuk.

Rauny – Female half-elf clerk at Book and Cranny.
Tristan – Junior scribe-in-training for House Jeggare.
Warren – Venerable kindly elf cleric of Ro.

Ashe Lyon

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