Jeff Haverfrex

5'10, 180 lbs. Dark hair, hazel eyes,


Stats (after bonuses)
Str: 14 (2)
Dex: 11 (
Con: 20 (5)
Int: 8 (-1) 8
Wis: 14 (
Cha: 19 (+4)

AC: 18
Fort: 15
Ref: 11
Will: 16

HP: 34 (6 per level)
Surges: 13

Language: Common, Elven, Dwarven
Racial bonuses: +2 con, +2 cha/wis
Class bonus: +2 will
Trained: Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight
Character Theme: Straight Outta Old Korvosa +2 to skill checks relating to Korvosa’s lawbreakers.


20 years old, Half-Elf. Jeff grew up in the slums of Old Korvosa. His human father died when he was young, and he never really knew his elven mother. He lived at the Lantern Street Orphanage for a few years, but going there later in life than most children, he ended up being Gretchen’s assistant more than just a regular ward. He never showed magical aptitude, and had no interest in joining the Grand Vault of Nomus or the city guard, so at age 16 he left the orphanage like all the others.

Since then he’s managed to survive through doing odd jobs for people in the slums (not all of them savory), or through surprisingly subtle psionic manipulations. Jeff has proven himself to be a decent fighter on more than one occasion, and is generally left alone despite not belonging to any of the gangs in the underworld.

Iago – Disgraced former guard who now runs an odds and ends shop in Old Korvosa.
Aunt Gretchen – Elderly halfling woman who operates the Lantern Street Orphanage.
Bosek – Enforcer and muscle-for-hire.

Jeff Haverfrex

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