Leyl Tyranas

Dame Leyl Tyranas, Descant of Kahra. Occasional Tavern and Amphitheatre singer.


6’2", 200lbs

Skin: dark violet
Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: White
Build: Athletic, muscular


Leyl is the eldest daughter of House Tyranas of Magnimar. Her parents, Incerion and Zaidi, named her in honor of one of the family’s great heroes: a well-known Tiefling paladin and follower of Kitavru. Unfortunately, this means that Leyl has spent most of her life being held up to scrutiny against a hero she has never met, and doesn’t really care about.

In her mid-teens, Leyl and her twin sister Malfia were sent to Korvosa to further their training and service to Kitavru. Malfia entered the priesthood, and served at the Cathedral of Kitavru as a Sacred Courtesan. Leyl was meant to follow in her namesake’s footsteps and join the Aeons, Kitavru’s elite order of paladins, in order to help protect her little sister. Leyl had little ambition for such a path; she loved her sister dearly and would do everything necessary to keep her safe, but the more she stayed within the Cathedral walls, the more Leyl felt out of place.

Leyl often struggled with her desire to be a paladin, and her place within Kitavru’s temple. She was dedicated to protecting those who could not protect themselves, but service to the Queen of Dreams grew less and less important each day. She would be a protector, a defender of Korvosa and perhaps even the world beyond, but at what cost? She truly felt that life was to be enjoyed, and the majority of those in Kitavru’s service treated life as penance before death.

Unable to stand the rigors of life in Kitavru’s order, Leyl found herself in trouble more often than not; she was too joyful and curious for most of her cohorts in training, and far too free-thinking for her instructors. She rarely appeared for services, never directly took part in the Cathedral’s recruitment policies, and regularly debated with her instructors about their lack of tolerance for other forms of worship, as well as their hypocrisies.

After one particularly exhausting day, Leyl opted to skip out on her imposed punishment for some heated words exchanged with one of her mentors. She found herself wandering the city instead, trying to fight off her misery and do a little soul-searching at the same time. She sang to herself as she walked, a sad little tune that she had once heard a serving girl of her House sing long ago. When the song ended, she was surprised to hear applause behind her, and turning to see the source, found herself face to face with a Tiefling bard, Excellence.

The two talked, first about the song and where Leyl had learned it, but as the conversation continued Leyl found herself confiding in this person she had only just met. She talked about her struggles in service to Kitavru, how unhappy she was, and how she didn’t know how she would reconcile it or what would happen to her sister if she left Kitavru’s order. Excellence listened to all of it, then gave her a simple piece of advice: “Your heart always knows what song to sing. Follow it.”

Over the next few weeks, Leyl put a plan in motion that would allow her to break her ties to the Cathedral and follow a new path. She ensured that she would always be able to return to visit her sister, and help whenever she needed it. She bid her instructors farewell and left the Cathedral with her only belongings.

Leyl paid visits to the Shrine of Kahra many times thereafter, learning of Kahra’s ways from (and more often than not being shooed away by) Excellence. She worked many nights at Cadenza’s, singing for her room and board, until she had made enough to rent a small place of her own nearby. She continued to visit (and pester) Excellence, and the next time a visiting paladin from Kahra’s order made an appearance, Leyl met with them to formally enter Kahra’s service and began her training as a Descant.

In the most recent years, she has spent time training with the Sable Company in order to perfect her fighting talents. She helps her sister as often as she can, putting down the undead threats and consecrating graves and tombs. She takes on the occasional contract to help the populace of Korvosa, usually the jobs that the local mercenary guilds and organizations either won’t take (doesn’t pay enough) or won’t associate with (people the mercenary guilds just won’t help). In her spare time, she still sings from time to time at Cadenza’s, and has appeared in the chorus on a number of occasions at the Kendall Amphitheater. On a more professional level, she has cultivated unusual connections for a paladin, but considering her deity of choice maybe it isn’t so unusual after all.

Barthandelus Mugthauser, a.k.a Mug – Half-orc stage manager at Cadenza’s.
Excellence – Tiefling Bard and caretaker at the Shrine of Kahra.
Keara Nilamani – Human. Leyl’s closest friend in Korvosa. A local merchant’s assistant.

Leyl Tyranas

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