Mykele Staelides

Halfling Hunter and Shoe Scientist


Halfling Hunter

4’0, 70 lb

Starting HP 12 + Con (14 to start)
Adds 5 HP per level
6 + Con modifier healing surges

Crossbow, small dagger

Hunter Wilderness Knacks

Merchant Family theme


(Pronounced Mi-Kay-Lee Stay-Lee-Dees)

Mykele Staelides was unfortunate enough to lose her mother and father at the tender age of 9 and was adopted by her mother’s older brother, Pierro Staelides. Uncle Pierro, formerly a ne’er-do-well and general con artist, cleaned up his act and opened Staelides Stylish Soles Emporium, specializing in shoes with minor enchantments.

Mykele has an brother, Istarian, who is two years older, and a twin sister, Calliope, born seven minutes after her. The three siblings work with Uncle Pierro at the shoe shop. Istarian is an artisan shoemaker, trained by Garwick Ironknuckle, a semi-retired dwarven master shoemaker. Calliope uses her unparalleled charm and charisma as the face of Staelides, selling shoes to everyone.

Mykele works closely with her uncle in developing new shoe enchantments and wanders the city looking for new materials to turn into shoes. She has an excellent relationship with a half dozen tanners who provide her with the highest quality leather as well as several woodsmen who provide other supplies. She is in a constant battle to find the best material for shoestrings and has a theory that the webs spun by giant spiders might make excellent shoelaces. She has yet to garner the finances to fund an expedition to find said giant spiders.

Garwick Ironknuckle – Mentor and former cobbler master of Istarian Staelides.
Carabella Dunkledorn – Childhood best friend, now married with children.
Kellanes Byx – Halfling sailor. Former beau of Calliope. Taught Mykele how to shoot a crossbow.

Mykele Staelides

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