Korvosan Guard

The Guard serves the city of Korvosa first, the monarchy second, and the Grand Vault of Nomus third. It works closely with the city government and the various churches to maintain order in the city, most commonly as a police force, but fully capable of mustering as a military force should the city be threatened by external elements.

Originally the remainder of Field Marshal Janthon Korvosa’s band of soldiers, settlers, and pioneers, the Korvosan Guard has a long and proud history of serving the city and its leaders. Of course, the Guard is no longer alone in this regard, and they work tirelessly with Korvosa’s other organizations — particularly Grand Vault of Nomus, the Temple of Asmodeus, the Sable Company, and the Hellknights — to maintain law and order throughout the city. As Korvosa’s official police force, it typically falls to the Guard to coordinate efforts between the different organizations, and keep their differing interests and beliefs from interfering in their duties.

The Guard has numerous barracks and garrisons situated around the city, but their primary base of operations is at Citadel Volrane in Midland. From there, Field Marshal Cordra Goldhand leads the nearly 800 soldiers of the Guard. Humans make up the majority of their ranks, followed by dwarves from House Goldhand, but the Guard accepts recruits of any race who are willing to serve their city.

Known Members:
Cordra Goldhand – Captain. Gruff, straightforward, no-nonsense. Dwarf.
Naomi-Rose Drysdale – Investigator, magically talented. Now leads an off-the-books detail. Half-elf.
Verik Vancaskerkin – Former dock watchman. Bent inspection rules for a love interest, was demoted. Half-elf.

Former Members:
Gabriel Harbane – Accused of plotting murder. Escaped city, founded Grey Guards bandit group.

Korvosan Guard

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