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For a detailed history of the city itself, refer to the Korvosa wiki page.

Korvosa’s Leadership
Castle Korvosa – Majestic castle built upon an ancient, massive black pyramid.
King Eodred Arabasti – Venerable King of Korvosa, known for his hedonistic habits. Deceased.
Queen Ilaniel Arabasti – Queen of Korvosa, young wife of Eodred. Much loved among her people.
Royal Seneschal Neolandus – Royal advisor and administrative majordomo. Missing.
Korvosan Guard – Korvosa’s city guard, police force, and ground military force.
Sable Company – Elite hippogriff-riding marines that protect the sea and sky.

City Districts
East Shore – Military and manufacturing ward that welcomes travelers and visitors.
Gray – Isolated and heavily-monitored funereal district.
Heights – Elevated bluff where many noble families and wealthy citizens reside.
Midland – Cosmopolitan merchant district, well protected and (relatively) safe.
North End – Rural area, home to politicians, municipal offices, and City Hall.
Old Korvosa – The oldest district, now fallen into disrepair and downtrodden slums. High criminal activity.
South Side – A youthful district with a focus on entertainment, music and the arts.

Major Landmarks
Academy – Korvosa’s famed magic university, catering to all arcanists.
Arkona Gardens – A lush floral garden and park located in Old Korvosa.
Crooked Man – Ancient, leaning lighthouse. Battered, but essential to Korvoan’s trade and economy.
Eodred’s Landing – New harbor and shipyard located on Korvosa’s western shoreline.
Jeggare Isle – A small peninsula, formerly home to nobles families, now deserted…and feared.
Mur’s Watch – Island sanctuary, home to druids and other nature-inclined citizens.
Spire of Long Shadows – Massive tower. Headquarter of the Sable Company.

Businesses, Shops and Services
Arkona Imports – Shipping warehouse for House Arkona.
Beetle and Barrel, Ltd. – Art and rare goods dealership.
Beholder Brewing Company – Brewery/distillery. Supplies local vendors, but mostly exports its products.
Bent Copper – A small odds and ends shop in Old Korvosa.
Book and Cranny – Small but bustling bookstore specializing in non-magical rare tomes.
Braids and Brews – Korvosa’s only barbershop / tavern. Dwarf-owned, unsurprisingly.
Casperian’s Salvation – Mission and shelter for Korvosa’s homeless.
Cat’s Eye – Jewelry, rare stones, gems. Finished pieces, commissions, jewelry repairs.
City Hall – Business, marriage, property, and guild licenses.
Copper Hall – The city’s primary smithy/smelter. Located in Old Korvosa.
Devil’s Drinks – Beverage shop, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Wide range of choices/prices.
Eel’s End – Tangled mass of ships that offer hedonistic pleasures, all illegal.
Exemplary Excrables – Gruesome theater specializing in shocking, offensive performances.
Fantasy Costco – Where all your dreams come true!
Feather and Fur – Pet shop/menagerie that carries both common and rare animals.
Galloping Ghost – Mounts and transportation, tack, barding, bridles and other riding equipment.
Gandebar’s Glassworks – If it’s made of glass, Gandebar carries it.
Goldhand’s Gold Hands – Metallurgist who specializes in infusing items with valuable metal essences.
Heward’s Handy Havershop – Magical components, supplies, and tools.
High Bridge Haberdashery – Hats and headwear.
Iron Church – Fitness center. Martial training, injury rehabilitation, strength programs. And yoga.
Jeggare Museum – Extensive collection of artifacts, cultural antiquities, fossils, and monstrous remains.
Kendall Amphitheater – Open-air theater for announcements, plays and performances.
Kep’s – Fishmonger. Disliked by other merchants due to his “low-class” business.
Korvosa Khronicle – The city’s only printed newspaper, newsletter, and rumor sheet.
Lantern Street Orphanage – Home for Korvosa’s orphaned youth. Maintained by House Ro.
Longacre – Prison (and execution hall) for Korvosa’s worst criminals.
Lavender – Perfumery. Does a bustling business among Korvosa’s nobility.
Orm’s Good Things – Reasonably-priced everyday essentials and household items.
Pestico’s Toyworks – Hand-carved dolls and figurines.
Potent Potables – Potion shop that also carries a selection of local beers and spirits.
Purebread – Bakery, confectionery, and pastry shop. Fresh-baked products daily.
Rhiavadi’s Fine Silks – Clothier. Expensive, high-quality attire. Popular among nobles.
School of Swords – Martial training college.
Silver Unicorn – Korvosa’s only licensed brothel. Caters to all tastes, no matter how unorthodox.
Skie’s Treasures – All-purpose store that caters to adventurers.
Staelides Stylish Soles Emporium – Shoe store specializing in enchanted footwear.
Stone Scroll – Scribery. Legal documentation and business needs. Owned by House Jeggare.
Tallmast Company – Korvosa’s primary sailing company, crew and ships for hire. Halfings.
Time Stop – Clocks and timepieces. Also carries other mechanical trinkets and devices.
Up In Smoke – Smoked meat and fish. Occasionally from rare beasts.
Zenderholm Holdings – Real estate and property holdings.

Inns, Restaurants and Taverns
Bailer’s Retreat – Tavern frequented by released prisoners and watchful members of the Guard.
Cadenza’s – Performers’ tavern, with a communal stage for live performances.
Creaking Hammock – Nautical-themed tavern/inn, preferred by crews on shore leave. Rarely calm.
Crested Falcon – High class dining with surprise dishes at hidden prices.
Hungry Turtle – Luxury dining on a transparent floor, above an ancient turtle’s cavern home.
Laughing Wave Inn – One of Korvosa’s oldest taverns. Owned by local sailor, Keyra the Wave.
Leftover’s – East Shore’s most reputable tavern and inn. Frequented by Korvosan Guard soldiers.
Minuta’s Board – Simple but functional room and board. Long-term rates. Popular among mercenaries.
Jittery Quill – Cafe that is open 24 hours a day. Frequented by Academy students and teachers.
Overlook – Rough and tumble tavern precariously teetering on the ocean cliffs.
The Pit – Tavern that capitalizes on its location next to one of the city’s otyugh plugs.
Shoreline Drinkhall – Fair prices, stiff drinks, and no one will steal your purse after a good, healthy brawl.
Sticky Mermaid – Disreputable dockside tavern, a favorite among Korvosa’s dregs, drunkards, and criminals.
Tipped Tankard – Steep prices, shoddy rooms, bad ale, worse food. Somehow still in business.
Three Rings Tavern – A quiet tavern with pleasant meals and exotic desserts rather than strong drinks.
Wise Dragon Inn – Bed and breakfast inn for visiting parents of students attending the Academy.
Wiznos – Toasty sandwiches, grilled flatbreads, and delicious soups, all magically prepared.

Temple of Asmodeus – Major. Lawful/Evil. (Contracts, Pride, Retribution)
Cathedral of Kitavru – Major. Lawful/Neutral. (Death, Dreams, Time)
Sanctuary of Mur – Major. Lawful/Neutral. (Land, Nature, Sea, Sky)
Grand Vault of Nomus – Major. Lawful/Good. (Law, Order)
Church of Ro – Major. Lawful/Good. (Hearth, Life, Protection)
Shrine of Issama – Minor. Neutral. (Imagination, Innovation, Knowledge)
Shrine of Kahra – Minor. Chaotic/Neutral. (Music, Secrets, Trickery)
Shrine of Nio – Minor. Lawful/Neutral. (Strength, Travel, War)
Shrine of Sorti – Minor. Chaotic/Neutral. (Competition, Luck, Magic, Night)

Noble Houses
House Arabasti – Human ruling House. Has ruled Korvosa for hundreds of years.
House Arkona – Eladrin trading House situated in Old Korvosa. Generous to Korvosa’s poor.
House Goldhand – Dwarven military House. Skilled crafters. Supporters of Korvosan military.
House Jeggare – Human merchant House. One of Korvosa’s oldest families. Sponsors aspiring artists.
House Ro – Mixed-race healing House. Worshipers of Ro. Sun clerics.
House Shavra – Mixed-race religious House. Outsiders finding strength/acceptance in unity.
House Volrane – Mixed-race arcanist House. Close ties to The Academy. Reclusive and private.
House Whynot – Gnomish tinker House. Artificers, mechanics, and engineers.
House Zenderholm – Mixed-race judicial House. Deeply involved in Korvosa politics and law.

Other Noteworthy Organizations, People, and Places
Blackjack – Korvosa’s legendary masked hero and champion of the people.
Cerulean Society – Korvosa’s primary thieves’ guild. Extortionists, blackmailers, and smugglers.
Grey Guards – Outlaw band operating in the area, originally ex-members of the Korvosan Guard.
Grimshackle Jail – Holding station for prisoners awaiting ransom or delivery.
Hellknights – Fanatical lawbringer knights from Chalax who ally with devils.
Hook Mountains – Craggy mountain range, home to dwarves, giants, and small mining communities.
King’s Pyre – Gigantic coastal statue of a king used as a landmark for passing ships.
Korvosa Reclamation League – Disgruntled locals who hate Chalax and fear a future under Chalish rule.
Minor Houses – Besides the houses listed above, Korvosa has other wealthy, but less powerful houses.
Red Mantis – Organization of professional assassins.
Whispering Forest – A sprawling, untamed forest located south of Korvosa.

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