A former student at the Academy, Investigator Naomi-Rose Drysdale is an up and coming member of the Korvosan Guard, doing exclusively scrying and espionage research into slavery and trafficking rings, both of which are highly illegal in Korvosa. Horrified by the stories told by a schoolmate who had been involved in a trafficking ring, the young half-elf is devoted to her work, finding it a personal mission to free those who are enslaved and living in oppressive situations (even if they are dubiously legal). She is also an outspoken force against indentured servitude – a practice which comes in and out of fashion among the Korvosan elite.

Her superior and boss, Cordra Goldhand, has authorized Naomi-Rose to operate an “off the books” squadron that can accomplish things that the Guard cannot.

Was once given a cursed pair of military boots that caused her to dance uncontrollably. The party enlisted Odin Goldhand and a few other Sable Company marines to watch over Naomi so she wouldn’t hurt herself, while they investigated.

Sent the party into the Grand Vault of Nomus’ secret library to recover some rare books about a failed war against Chalax, in case the information in said tomes might prove valuable in the future.

Player Contact: Anvari
Anvari was the TA in one of her classes on magic while she was at the Academy, and the two have kept in close contact over the intervening years. Though they share opposite tastes and styles, their friendship is based on a mutual desire to rid the world of the evils of enslavement of any kind.


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