Old Korvosa

This downtrodden, crime-ridden district is the oldest area in Korvosa, and is home to many of the city’s destitute and impoverished. Once the original settlement of Korvosan pioneers, the wealthy, powerful citizens moved on to the mainland, while the poor and weak were forced to remain here, unable to afford the costs of moving.

While the Korvosan Guard does pay occasional visits to the district to chase away gangs and check in on businesses, for the most part, criminals rule these decrepit slums. Dozens of small street gangs such as the Alleybashers, Little Lamms, and Catspaw Lofties prowl the streets and rooftops with impunity, while Korvosa’s only organized thieves’ guild lurks in Old Korvosa’s underbelly, victimizing the city’s richer, more profitable citizens with blackmail schemes and protection fees. Meanwhile, the crime lord known as the King of Spiders rules his dockside empire at Eel’s End, untouchable by city officials.

Housing in Old Korvosa is typically squat, crammed tenements, with additional apartments and rooms often constructed directly upon the roofs of already-existing buildings. Over time, these makeshift floors gained their own improvised lean-tos as well. Spaces between buildings quickly became fair game as well, with ladders, poles, and planks combining to form dizzying catwalks spanning increasingly narrow roads.

House Arkona resides in Old Korvosa, claiming the remnants of Fort Korvosa as their personal estate. Often seen as the only beacon of hope in the district, the Arkonas are extremely generous to their Old Korvosan neighbors, leveling some of their own buildings to construct low-rent apartment tenements, and funding food banks for the truly desperate. Anyone living in one of the Arkona buildings finds themselves surprisingly undisturbed by thieves and goons, who know better than to interfere in those under the Arkonas’ protection.

Other notable businesses or landmarks in this district include the School of Swords, Copper Hall, Exemplary Excrables, the Sticky Mermaid, and Eel’s End.

Old Korvosa

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