Sable Company

Years ago when scores of Chalax refugees fled across the sea to Fort Korvosa, among them was a small but highly-trained regiment of marines. This group, primarily composed of rangers, had a well-respected reputation for expertise in mounted combat, a tradition they continue to uphold today. The marines worked closely with Janthon Korvosa, Lord Tovariak Volrane, and and the rest of Fort Korvosa’s settlers (who would later become known as the Korvosan Guard), pooling their resources and expertise to defend their new home as a collective military presence. After the mainland was conquered, the marines named themselves the Sable Company.

Today, the Sable Company does not answer to the leader of Korvosa, but rather to the Royal Seneschal, to ensure a degree of neutrality and separation between them and the Korvosan Guard. Despite this, the Sable Company works extremely closely with the Guard to protect their city, with the marines watching the air and sea, while the Guard watches over the city itself and the surrounding lands.

Atop their signature hippogriff mounts, the Sable Company patrols the skies and waters of Korvosa, defending the city from all airborne and aquatic threats. Raids on ships and the ever-present risk of pirates fall under their jurisdiction, and Commander Odin Goldhand makes sure his troops maintain a constant watchful presence over the waters of Conquest Bay.

The Sable Company also sometimes finds itself working in tandem with the Hellknights, since the two organizations share many common goals. However, neither group is very warm towards the other, with the Sable Company viewing the Hellknights as foul, devil-worshiping tyrants, while the Hellknights look disdainfully upon the Sable Company as traitors and deserters. When the two factions do have to work together, it is typically only the calming influence of the Korvosan Guard that prevents fights from breaking out.

Known Members:
Odin Goldhand – Fearless commander known for daring aerial maneuvers. Member of House Goldhand.

Sable Company

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