Dawna Mystwicket

Tinker gnome Artificer


HP 28 / Speed 5 / Init +1
STR 10 /CON 16/DEX 12
INT 20/WIS 16/CHA 8

AC 17
FORT 14/REF 15/WILL 14

Trained Skills: Arcana +14, Heal +8, History +10, Perception +8, Thievery +8

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Draconic


Dawna loves mechanical things just as much as she loves alchemical things. Having never finished her tutelage with Thomys Greenfoot she’s not a functional alchemist, but it shows in her magics and other such things. Tinkering is in her blood, and as such healing is one of the things she’s proficient in.

A student at the Academy, she lives at House Whynot – partially because it provides her with interaction with other tinker gnomes and artificers, but also because her ancestors had helped found the house before her immediate family had moved back to Mt. Gregarious.

Constantly found with her mechanical dragonling Siccup, Dawna has a sunny disposition for someone missing an eye. She’s spent a solid 6 years becoming familiar with Korvosa and its people. Specifically with those in the Three Rings Tavern, where she spent three months working off a debt for having celebrated the life of her departed teacher, Thomys at the tavern upon first arriving.

All Gnomes from Mt Gregarious are educated – more for safety than anything else, and Dawna is no exception. Upon completing basic education she moved on to apprentice under Lightner Halfstep, the city’s top Artificer. After several years under the old gnome’s wing she left Mt. Gregarious to study alchemy under half-elf Thomys Greenfoot in the forests north of Korvosa.

Dawna met Alli’Andra there, who was completing her training under Thomys as well, and the two become fast friends. Months after Alli left – with a promise from Dawna that the gnome would at least visit Korvosa in the future – Thomys contracted Membrum Devorantis, aka the Limb Eating Disease.

While assisting the alchemist with a cure, Dawna caught the disease. Her mentor tricked her into a deep sleep, then altered his desperate curative concoction in the hopes it would save Dawna’s life, removing her eye to add to the elixir in a bid to stabilize its effects and lessen the likelihood of her body rejecting the cure. When Dawna awoke she was free of the disease, albeit at the high cost of her teacher’s life.

The loss of her eye seems to have little bearing on her ability to perceive – quite possibly an evolutionary trait among the rather accident prone Tinker Gnomes – but she has decided to work towards a replacement, in true artificer fashion.

Barton – Tinker gnome artificer hailing from the same mountain as Dawna. Rival/competitor.
Trigger – An elf who was rescued and nursed back to health by Dawna. Sports a prosthetic leg of her devising.
Alli’Andra – Elven druid who resides at the Sanctuary of Mur. Good friend.

Dawna Mystwicket

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