One of Korvosa’s most renowned landmarks, the Academy is a place of learning, research, and experimentation. Arcanists from all walks of life are welcome within its walls, to hone their craft, discuss theories with their peers, or simply enjoy a home where magic is the norm, not the exception.

Hundreds of hopeful would-be arcanists make the journey to Korvosa each year to attend the Academy’s classes. The conditions of each student’s enrollment varies — usually a financial tuition is sufficient, but promising students lacking in coin can often be accepted via special scholarship or with the promise of conducting future research on the Academy’s behalf.

The size of a small village itself, the Academy is fully self-sufficient, with magically-tended groves, living quarters, lecture halls, extensive libraries, its own taverns and restaurants, and countless workshops and laboratories for its residents. Of course, most students (and many teachers) enjoy leaving the grounds to enjoy the various sights and luxuries Korvosa has to offer, some of which are not permitted on Academy grounds.

Technically, the gathered magical power of the Academy’s residents far surpasses most other organizations within Korvosa, including the city’s various churches, and possibly even the King himself. To avoid getting drawn into political conflicts, the Academy has a firm rule of neutrality and non-involvement with the Korvosan government and noble houses.

Beside its mundane (but impressive) black marble walls, the Academy has strict entrance regulations. Dozens of powerful defensive wards allow only authorized students, teachers, and a small assortment of specific dignitaries onto the campus grounds. These measures serve two purposes: to ensure that the powerful magic being wielded within remains contained inside the Academy’s walls, in the hands of trained professionals; and to prevent the incursion of undesired outside elements, whether they be curious (and foolish) local residents, or jealous foreign agents seeking to steal the Academy’s unparalleled knowledge and secrets.

Visitors are allowed entrance if they wish to use the Academy’s Gates. This typically costs a substantial fee, and those wishing to use the Gates are closely escorted to and from the Gates. Occasionally, visitors will hire an Academy student to accompany them to a far-off location, since using the Gates requires magical training.

Each year in the first week of spring, the Academy opens its doors and invites any arcanist to prove their magical skill by breaking into the supposedly impregnable Hall of Wards. This event is known as the Breaching Festival.

Ever since its inception, the Academy has had an odd fascination with imps. In addition to appearing frequently on the college’s heraldry and trappings, the ritual summoning and binding of an imp is also one of the final tests an initiate wizard must undergo before being recognized as a full-fledged wizard. Not every initiate passes this test, which over the years has led to a large population of unbound imps living among Korvosa’s rooftops and gutters.

Academy Masters
Toff Volrane – Headmaster of the Academy. Human male.
Anne – Master Wizard. Elderly human female.
Giddy Loresmith – Master Bard. Gnome male.
Izabeth – Master Warlock. Tiefling female.
Jikali – Master Sorcerer. Half-elf female.
Relic – Master Artificer. Now splits headmaster duties with Barton. Living construct.

Students and Staff
Alicara – Ambitious and cheerful new Warlock student. Enlisted at Anvari’s recommendation.
Anvari – Warlock teaching assistant.
Barton Locksprocket – Artificing student, now co-Master with Relic.
Bearonar – An awakened brown bear that has begun studying magic.
Bodvar – Well-organized campus registrar.
Brett – Wizardry student. Transmutation “specialist”.
Dawna – Junior artifice student.
Jules – Senior wizard student. Gate attendant.
Trinia – Singer, artist, and part-time bard student.

Former Members:
Belen Blackoak – Former a warlock student. Has taken a break from her studies.
Dee – Former wizardry student who polymorphed Anne and Brett into sheep. Now a hamster.
Janix Crankwhistle – Former Artificing graduate. Discovered dozens of automaton/construct advancements.


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