Breaching Festival

Date: March 20

Each year in the first week of spring, the Academy opens its gates to the public and challenges anyone to prove their skill by breaking into the supposedly impregnable Hall of Wards. While Academy students often make up the majority of the festival’s participants, any person or group of individuals is free to take part, even if they are not arcanists.

Stepping foot anywhere within the Hall counts as a victory, and entitles that person (or group) to the prize, a vast quantity of gold and magical treasure. Every year in which no participant succeeds, the pool grows, and no one has emerged victorious in over a century.

During this event, all classes and research are halted, and the campus takes on a festive, celebratory air. Visitors and prospective students are encouraged to tour the campus grounds, minor magical trinkets and keepsakes are sold as mementos, and Academy residents are encouraged to (safely) demonstrate their arcane prowess.

Through a series of divination rituals, the Academy also ensures that spectators are able to watch and observe the participants in their attempts to breach the Hall. These scrying images can be found at various locations on the campus grounds, and also in a massive display at the Kendall Amphitheater for citizens unable to attend the festival in person.

Breaching Festival

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