House Jeggare

Race: Mostly Human and Half-Elf, but other races are accepted
Deities: Kahra, Nio, Ro, Sorti

One of the region’s oldest noble families, House Jeggare (and much of Korvosa) was founded by a famed explorer and philanthropist, Jasper Jeggare. One of Korvosa’s earliest settlers, Jasper’s generosity and diplomacy helped transform a few ramshackle tents and shacks into a thriving river town, and eventually, the thriving city it is today. Many landmarks and areas in modern Korvosa bear his house’s name, in recognition.

Today, the members of House Jeggare go to great lengths to uphold Jasper’s shining reputation, and as a result, the “first family” remains very highly respected among its peers and rivals. Embracing their mercantile roots, Jeggare owns vast amounts of property, and controls much of the market and dock space within the city. However, the wealthiest family in Korvosa is also the most generous, donating vast amounts of money each year to numerous essential city organizations. When other houses need financial support, they turn to House Jeggare, which simply confirms their immovable status as Korvosa’s most powerful family.

In recent years, House Jeggare has adopted a great love of the arts, and encouraging the intellectual growth of their fellow Korvosans. At present, House Jeggare financially backs the the Academy, the Korvosan Guard, Kendall Amphitheater, Cadenza’s, and the School of Swords, just to name a few. Additionally, many trueblood members of the Jeggare line have become quite fond of personally sponsoring promising young musicians and artists, and discovering new talent — and “laying claim” to them — has become a favorite competitive pastime.

Notable Members:
Danvers Jeggare – Matriarch and Head of House Jeggare. Retired merchant. Owner of Cadenza’s.
Auriel Jeggare – First daughter, well-known explorer and archaeologist.
Balthazar Jeggare – Curator of the Jeggare Museum.

House Jeggare

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