An earnest and kind-hearted man who was guarding the front door of Arkona Imports with Jimbo. After Mykele tripped and fell in the adjacent alley, Larry believed her story about how she and Jeff were merely on a date, and invited her into the warehouse so she could get cleaned up.

After fetching her a full-sized throw rug for her to clean her muddy boots on, Larry then brought her to the back shipping bay of the warehouse and had everyone else there leave so she could change in privacy, and brought Jeff — aka “Sam-m-m” there as well when Mykele (aka “Angela”) asked him to.

Eventually Larry wandered back into the shipping bay to check what was taking Angela so long, and Jeff clonked him on the head and knocked him out. They dragged his unconscious body back behind some other crates where it would be out of sight.

When the Guard arrived and started investigating the warehouse, Jeff returned to Larry and woke him up and told him to leave before he got arrested. Larry was confused, but did as Jeff suggested, carrying the unconscious body of Jimbo with him.


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