Sanctuary of Mur

Alignment: Lawful, Neutral
Domains: Land, Nature, Sea, Sky

Be as stone, reliable and unyielding. Protect the world. Respect nature and be nurtured in return.

The towering cliff upon which the Sanctuary of Mur stands did not actually exist when Korvosa was founded. Instead, it was raised from the river bed by a group of druids, followers of Mur who were furious at the fledgling city’s overzealous fishing, hunting, and all-around callous disregard for nature’s boundaries. The shocking display of power had an immediate effect on the intimidated Korvosan government, which quickly instituted strict regulations on their fishing trade and promised the druids they would curtail their impact on the surrounding lands. Not entirely convinced, the druids settled atop the cliff and established a Sanctuary where they could provide a home for displaced animals and keep an eye on the city below, to make sure Korvosa stayed true to its word.

Today, Mur is one of Korvosa’s most revered deities, since so much of Korvosa’s economy relies on fishing and ocean trade. Though the Sanctuary was originally intended to serve as an observatory, watchful presence, it has now become a beacon of hope and luck to the many ships and sailors who take to the waters each day to earn their living. Nearly all Korvosan sea vessels have at least a small shrine or statue of Mur on board to protect them on their voyages, and even Korvosans who worship other gods routinely offer nominal tribute or nodded recognition to the towering slab of earth jutting from the sea, all too aware that to invoke Mur’s wrath would mean dooming Korvosa to financial ruin.

For centuries, followers of Mur attempted to maintain their roles as watchful guardians, but as Korvosa came to openly embrace Mur’s ways, they found their self-imposed vigil growing increasingly unnecessary. As a result, most of Mur’s faithful today have forgotten their original purpose and are instead content to simply live peacefully within the bountiful glade that has flourished atop the cliffs. Many have no interest in interacting with or visiting the bustling city below, but some younger members have embraced their cohabitational neighbors and have begun establishing friendships and exploring the strange (to them) customs of Korvosan life.

The Sanctuary itself is composed of a few simple buildings nestled in a thick, thriving wooded grove. These buildings tend to be for storage or to entertain visitors, as most followers of Mur prefer to live and sleep outdoors. Other features include a sprawling fungal grove inside a vast subterranean cavern, and a natural aviary within the cliff face itself, home to Korvosa’s infamous Dire Gulls.A terrifying yet sturdy rope bridge extend from the mainland up to the cliffs, while a stern-faced stone statue of Mur looms above the treetops, its scrutinizing gaze an unsubtle reminder and warning to the city below.

The majority of Mur’s faithful are druids and shamans, but any who show the proper reverence for nature are welcome in his Sanctuary, or to simply follow his tenets.

Mur’s symbol is a thick oak tree.

Known Members:
Archdruid Ulra Hollowsky – One of the oldest druids in Korvosa.
Alli’Andra Iceleaf – A forward-thinking young druid who uses alchemy in conjunction with her primal abilities.
Astridian – A dryad that lives in the grove, who Ashe befriended.


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