Potent Potables

Owned and operated by Vortimax Weer, this shop is the go-to place in Korvosa for alchemical items and potions. Vortimax makes sure to keep his shelves well-stocked with everyday staples such as healing potions, everburning torches and the like, and maintains a broad supply of less frequently-sought items stored away in a secure extra-dimensional pocket.

As a result of the shop’s special partnership with the Beholder Brewing Company, Weer also carries an exclusive selection of local ales, beers, and spirits (some of which are also magical potions), and occasionally offers frequent customers membership into the Beholder Brewing Company’s exclusive “Brew of the Month” club. Although getting drunk while adventuring might not be the best idea, Weer firmly states that what customers do while consuming his products is “not his problem.”

Haggling is strictly forbidden in Weer’s shop, though rumor has it the curmudgeonly mage is all too glad to offer discounts or equivalent trade for interesting potions or beverages.

Kinsey, Vortimax’s sole employee, watches the shop when Vortimax is away traveling.

Potent Potables

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